About FitHouse

FitHouse aims to disrupting the fitness industry with an offering to make great group fitness classes accessible. The FitHouse model is a $99/membership to multiple locations all of which offer a variety of classes - including yoga, bootcamp, pilates and dance.

The vision for FitHouse is to grow at a rapid speed and open 15+ locations in NYC in 2018 before emerging into other markets.

Our team is comprised of successful tech entrepreneurs whom are health and fitness obsessed and committed to creating am improved option for fitness memberships.

The company completed a pre-launch seed round of $3m and as a result, we are growing fast.

FitHouse's corporate values include: agility, hospitality, diversity, teamwork, mental and physical health and above all else - a bold-betting, mindset.

The future of the fitness industry is here, are you ready to be part of it?

Current openings